Sve Gard

  Photographer: Fjuken v/Arve Danielsen

Vegskilt Gardsmat/Bygdeturisme (HANEN)
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Adress Vågåvegen 9
2680 Vågå
Phone 95982201
Longitude 9.114367
Latitude 61.877449

In the 18th century Sve Farm in Vågå was a senter for travellers. The owner og Sve Farm today; Harald Sve Bjørndal represents the 13th generation on the farm, and Harald and his family wants to open the farm for new visitors. On the farm they produce every year two thousand tonns of the mandelpotatoes. Harald has recently installed a very modern distillery for alkoholic drinks, and works for establishing a farm museum and serving food and drinks on the farm. On the farm they also have a lot of sheep.

The mandelpotatoes have in more than 15 years been very popular on the table of food.. Harald has last year received a licence from the state to produce alcoholic drinks with the potatoes. The equipment for production is very modern and unique built up in an old rebuilt barn on the farm.

After running the farm in 13 generations there are a lot of antiques on the Sve Farm, and Harald plans to show these in different old houses on the farm in the near future. On the farm there also is a very old protected burial place and other objects from a very interesting history.

When you visit Sve Farm you might hear about modern way of farming using satelite in the planting and digging up the potatoes, listen to exiting farm history, witness modern production of alcoholic drinks – and perhaps enjoy some food and drinks agreed upon. You are welcome to Sve Farm !

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