Langedrag Naturpark

  Photographer: Marie de Carne

  Photographer: Jon Ottar Runde

Vegskilt Gardsmat/Bygdeturisme (HANEN)
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Contact Tuva Thorson
Adress Langedragsveien 274
3544 Tunhovd
Phone 32 74 25 50
Longitude 8.879013
Latitude 60.448922


The mountain farm lies around 1.000 metres above sea level. The construction of the farm started i 1978 to realise the family Thorson's dream of a sanctuary for animals, birds and people. Our philosophy We want the farm to be at one with nature as far as possible. With a great deal of respect for nature's own selection over millions of years, here at Langedrag we have tried to conserve the most natural and primitive breeds of each kind of animal. Examples of this are the Norwegian fjordponies, the goats, the mouflon sheep, the highland cattle and pigeons. They all have markings and colours which nature has given them in the competition for survival. On the farm there are about 22 different kinds of animals and birds with around 250 in total. The number varies with the seasons. In particular there are large fluctuations in the numbers of pigeons and rabbits because of birds of prey, foxes and stoats. By following the map on other side you can take a tour with a chance of seeing all the animals at Langedrag. Hand-logged farm-house in old traditional style in 10" logs will be the first sight to welcome you. With its good proportions, its heavy, sound and proud character, it demonstrates traditional architecture well adapted to modern demands. This is the building in wich we hope to give you all the information about the daily running of the place, in order to get the best possible outcome of your stay. "Graabein" and "Varga" (two of our wolves) have in many years produced litters of healthy puppies. March is the high season for mating, and we hope that Varga this year in May will give birth to yet another litter of puppies, while Graabein and the young wolves will anxiously wait for the opportunity to include these newcomers into the pack. This is a great opportunity to follow closely the social relations of a pack of wolves! Our beautiful and graceeful lynxes, Gråpus and Frezia, also appear to be thriving together with their one and two year-old cubs. May be they this year will have two charming newborn sister and brother. We are also proud to be able to show our typical norwegian reindeer. We can show you our Scottish higland cattle, which with their charming long-haired apperance show us what the European ancestor looked like. Highland cattle are the most hardy and primitive European cattle breed. They cope well outdoors in the Norwegian mountains all-year round. So too do the Yak-cattle from the high mountains of north-east Asia where the climate can be even colder. The farm is open to the public all year around. Feeding time for the wolves and lynx is 14.00 Saturday /Sunday and every day during the summer holidays. We request that visitors observe the following rules: * All mixing with the animals is your own risk. * It is forbidden to feed the animals. Misfeeding can lead to sickness and death. * Please do not smoke in the area. * All gats must be kept closed. Have you visited our cafeteria? Langedrag waffles with sour-cream and jam, might taste good. You can buy white and brown homemade goat's cheese from the farm. We wish everyone an enjoyable and memorable day in close contact with animals and nature on our mountain farm. If further information is required, please ask our staff around the farmyard or in the office.

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