Øvre-Eide Gård

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Contact Arild Nydegger Øvre-Eide
Adress Øvre-Eide 36
5105 Eidsvåg
Phone 90843412
Mobiltelefon 90843412
Longitude 5.32688
Latitude 60.434928

Welcome to Øvre-Eide Farm, a unique place nestled in historical surroundings, only five minutes from central Bergen. We are a family driven farm with roots back to the 16th century and accommodate guests from all over the world. We are delighted to welcome you on a special outing where you will get an up close and personal experience with small scale Norwegian agriculture, as well as a taste of traditional food locally produced and a glimpse of Norwegian culture.

On the farm we have two types of Norwegian purebred horse breeds – the Dølahest and fjording.

We also have the typical Norwegian spæl sheep, hens, roosters, and rabbits.

In addition to the normal farming, we have a fine events venue both at the farm’s barn and in the main house as well as we arrange outside activities in our beautiful landscape.

We arrange guided tours for tourists, horseback riding tours up to the mountains with amazing views to the fjords, children’s birthday parties, Christmas activities as well as courses, meetings, and business events among other kind of celebrations.

Throughout its history, the farm has had many owners. Øvre-Eide has been the seat of a small king, before Harald Hårfagre united the many chiefdoms of Norway into one kingdom, for being then abandoned after the black plague. In 1563 it was producing again and was deemed one of the larger farms in Åsane. It was probably in this period that the main house with its dungeon was built. The infamous bandit Gjest Baardsen, who plundered and raided western Norway in the period 1791-1849 has been a prisoner here.

Today the farm is run by the fifth generation of the Øvre-Eide family, who enjoys the experience of sharing their lifes with the visitors.

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