Gangstad Gårdsysteri

  Photographer: Jan Inge Wiig

  Photographer: Ina Stenvig

  Photographer: Lena Johnsen

  Photographer: Lena Johnsen

  Photographer: Ina Stenvig

  Photographer: Maren Gangstad

Norsk Gardsost Spesialitet Vegskilt Gardsmat/Bygdeturisme (HANEN)
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Contact Maren Gangstad
Adress Nessetvegen 11
7670 Inderøy
Phone 74 15 64 45
Longitude 11.33784
Latitude 63.959866

At Gangstad Gårdsysteri there`s made award winning cheese and ice cream from the farms fresh cow’s milk. The selection of ice cream will vary from season to season, often using the accessible raw material as an inspiration. The farm shop has a rich selection and tasty gifts. In the summer one can enjoy our ice cream and a cup of coffee in a cozy farmyard. Open all year monday-friday.

Gangstad was established in 1998 as the first authorized farm cheese factory in Norway. There’s made cheese from 300.000 litres of milk and produce 15 types of ice cream. This has created a workplace for 10 people on the farm.

We deliver cheese to shops and restaurants all over the country, and our farm shop has many guests during the summer. Gangstad is a part of “Den Gylde Omvei” (the golden detour), a collaboration between 20 different companies along a beautiful stretch of road. Go to for more information.

The farm dairy and farm shop is located in a traditional farm yard, with a building design typical for this part of Norway. Some of the houses are open for guests.

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