Photographer: Torstein Lund Sperstad

  Photographer: Torstein Lund Sperstad

  Photographer: fjelleventyret

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Contact Hanne Forreløkken
Adress Vassgangen 24
2690 Skjåk
Phone 48218999
Longitude 8.313804
Latitude 61.872789

Horseback riding for the whole family. Would you like to join on us for an extraordinary experience? We will guide you on horseback in Breheimen and Jotunheimen National Park. Either for a short ride on horseback, or a day trip in beautiful nature. Both experienced horsebackriders andand those who want to join on a family riding in a safe environment are welcome. Our guides have long experience of hiking. Therefore, when you join us on tour, you can feel confident that both horse and rider are taken care of in the best possible way.


We rent cozy and comfortable rooms in four different houses on the farm. These rooms have access to new sanitary facilities built in 2020, shared kitchen and A living room in the barn.

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