Gygratun Feriegard

  Photographer: Elisabeth Hass, Kvinnheringen

  Photographer: Leif Kongestøl

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Adress Ænesvegen 210
5475 Ænes
Phone 91386185 / 90054527
Longitude 6.111915
Latitude 60.090728

Gygratun - an idyllic small farm in a magnificent landscape. Perfect for family holidays and as a base for tourists. Here you can book cabins, garden apartments, rooms with breakfast, or sleep on a mattress on the barn. - Only 40 min. by car to Trolltunga parking - Baroniet Rosendal; 20 min. - Bergen; 2.5 hours - Many hiking opportunities - Kayaks and motorboat to rent - Fishing - Farm animals - Child riding in the beautiful forest in Ænesdalen - the gateway to Folgefonna National Park - Magnificent view from Gygrastol 1300 meters, spectacular place for touring / skiing - Pizza in wood burning oven - Gallery and art workshop in the newly renovated old barn - Gard products - Archery and bow and other activities.

Gygratun has a perfect location in the fjord landscape with high mountains, rivers and glaciers as a backdrop. The fjord and the alpine are linked by a strip of cultural landscape cultivated for generations. Ænes's small church built in the 1100s, one of the oldest stone churches in Norway, is a strong symbol of this. Just behind the courtyard lies Ænesdalen, which is the gateway to Folgefonna National Park with glaciers, high mountains, stunning views, waterfalls, rivers, beautiful forests and tranquil lakes. Gygrastolen, the mountain at 1300 meters above sea level, just behind the garden is a wonderful walk with a magnificent view. Great opportunities for fishing in fjords, rivers and water. In the immediate area (10 - 20 min drive) lies the nearest village of Rosendal with the Baroniet Rosendal from 1665 and the same distance the other direction you find the Bondhusdalen with the Bondhusbreen and the Emperor Path up to Fonnabu. Within a radius of 60 minutes drive you will find Jondal summer ski center, Røldal ski center, Fjellhaugen ski center and Seljestad ski center and in the other direction: Ulvanoso (climbing) and Halsnøy monastery.

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