Danebu Kongsgaard

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Contact Malene Tuv Sandvik
Adress Danebuvegen 625,
Phone 45 10 10 10
Longitude 9.437784
Latitude 60.943034

Danebu Kongsgaard is a mountain pearl in the middle of Valdres's beautiful mountain landscape with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A place where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and delicious dining experiences from local produce. Danebu is a place where you can relax and recharge. A private atmosphere where you want to invite friends, family or colleagues to a celebration, conversation, work or just be together.

The hotel

The mountain pearl Danebu Kongsgaard is located as a wonderful gathering point in Valdres's beautiful mountain scenery about 2.5 hours from Oslo. Nature shapes a beautiful setting around your stay with the fantastic view of Jotunheimen and the Hemsedal mountains and not least the wonderful experiences in nature throughout the year. Danebu is a place where you can arrive and recharge.

The hotel has 32 rooms in total, spread over 16 family rooms, 14 double rooms and 2 double rooms with family bunk beds. All rooms have double or two single beds, shower, toilet and sink. Otherwise we offer free parking and WiFi. All bedrooms and social rooms will be renovated in the spring of 2020.

The restaurant

In the restaurant at Danebu Kongsgaard, you can enjoy delicious food based on local ingredients, made by local chefs. Everything that is served is made from scratch and should be on the premises of nature. If the raw materials are not to be found in the immediate area, organic Norwegian producers are always emphasized.

Danebu Kongsgaard also arranges small and large weddings and celebrations for up to 115 guests. With good food and drinks, view of Jotunheimen and the Hemsedal mountains, and long experience with organising events, everything is prepared for the big day at Danebu Kongsgaard.

Courses and conferences

Danebu Konsgaard offers courses and conferences in a private atmosphere amidst beautiful natural surroundings. With a great conference room with all the necessary equipment, wonderful dining experiences and abundant activities both summer and winter, a memorable experience is assured.


Danebu Kongsgaard was originally a national gift from Norway to Denmark to thank them for the help after the second world war. The initiator was Aftenposten's then editor P. Chr. Andersen, who put forward the idea of a fundraiser for this purpose right after World War II. The ski association took the idea further by its chairman Lauritz Schmidt's initiative and started a nationwide fundraising campaign on Denmark's Constitution Day. This was a fantastic success with thousands of small and large contributions. As early as August 1945, the Norwegian Ski Association was able to hand over the gift certificate on the so-called Danish Cottage to the Danish Sports Association.

It was architect H. Astrup who, together with Colonel Bloch-Hansen, found a stunning site at the top of Aurdalsåsen in Valdres. After an architectural competition won by Esben Poulsson, Danebu was built over the years of 1947 to 1950. Danebu Kongsgaard opened its doors on December 16th 1950.


The hosts at Danebu Kongsgaard are Norwegian Malene Tuv Sandvik and German Pascal Gross. After living several years in England and in Germany, they moved to Danebu Kongsgaard in January 2020 to take part in the development of the mountain pearl. With the help of a great team of co-workers and a passion for tourism, hospitality and service development, their vision is to make Danebu Kongsgaard feel like your second home. A place where you can relax, find peace and recharge.

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