Avdemsbue og Avdem Gardsysteri

  Photographer: Monica Almskår Heggset/Lev Landlig

  Photographer: Monica Almskår Heggset/Lev Landlig

  Photographer: Mette Møller

  Photographer: Espen Hofsmo

  Photographer: Anna Haugstad Avdem

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Contact Anna Haugstad Avdem
Adress Romsdalsvegen 1706
2665 Lesja
Phone 95183026
Longitude 8.796897
Latitude 62.123352

Avdemsbue is a general store which dates back to 1878, though today´s locale was built in 1938. At Avdemsbue you will find all the products made by Avdem Gardsysteri. In addition to that, there are cheeses from 12-20 different Norwegian cheese factories in stock. The beer selection counts between 20 and 25 breweries. We also have cured meats, smoked fish, coffee, tea, flour, jam and other delicacies. Further, you will find handmade porcelain by Ment from Fåberg – fine gifts for yourself or a friend. We serve freshly made sour cream waffles – a Norwegian speciality, ice cream and coffee.

In the summer 2019 we open a modern new cafe at Avdemsbue. The old and charming shop from 1938 will consist, just with more lunch specials and drinks in the new building next to it.

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