Kulturgården Bjerkem

  Photographer: Aina Bye

  Photographer: Heidi Fossnes

  Photographer: Aina Bye

  Photographer: John Erik Myhr Andersen

  Photographer: Aina Bye

  Photographer: Håvard Zeiner

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  Photographer: John Erik Myhr Andersen

Debio Godkjent Olavsrosa
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Contact Torunn Bjerkem
Adress Bjerkem, Såseggvegen 399
Phone 97562667
Longitude 11.636782
Latitude 63.978814

The Cultur Farm Bjerkem has been in the same family for many generations. They have taken care of and used heritage actively and have unique stories to tell.

At Bjerkem you can experience fine dining, theatre, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, courses and seminars. The restaurant Experience Food&Drink offer a 16 course, ever changing tasting menu following the seasons, with the possibility of matching different quality wines from around the world.

Booking: https://taste-experience.no/. You can also book accommodation at the farm.

Before Christmas, you are welcome to see the family performance "Julestemning" and in the summertime, people comes to see the summer exhibition at Bunadburet. Check www.bjerkem.com for more information.

Bjerkem is an organic farm. The restaurant serves local and organic food, prepared in unique ways by master chef Kim Tore Sjøbakk. Among other things, the farm grows grain of old varieties and the the hosts are happy to offer you guided tours through the cultural landscape.

At Bjerkem, you will also find Bunadburet, which sews the regions folk costume, which is based on the way of traditional clothing in Trøndelag from the period 1790 – 1830. Over a number of years, Berit Bjerkem registered old garments in the entire region.

A visit to Bjerkem is something to enjoy for anyone interested in food, clothing and history.

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