Hemsedal Flatbrødbakeri

Debio Godkjent
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Adress Hemsedalsvegen 3545
3560 Hemsedal
Phone 32 05 98 00, 95046340
Longitude 8.46306
Latitude 60.8768

Hemsedal Flatbrødbakeri is situated at the north end of the big farm, Hemsegarden, between the city centre and the Ski Resort. We are a traditional bakery from the region of Hallingdal – we’re baking local specialties like Gofalefse, Potetlefse and lompe, Lefsekling, Rummebrød, Lapper and Kvikaku (seasonal). We’re also offer Flatbrød, baked on ecological flour, with or without organic spices.

On request, it’s possible to make our products ecologic and/or with spelled flour. All our products are made without artificial additives. Everything we make is made on an iron griddle and this is how we have prepared food in Norway for ages. All dough and batter is being made from scratch out of top-class ingredients and we are of course not, using any preservatives. The baking is a handicraft made by hand and we believe that you will understand it when you taste it! The farmers shop and café that is situated next door to the bakery and the barn, saw the day of light on April 1st 2015. Here you can taste our famous baked goods with a coffee - or maybe try a freshly baked “Lapp” directly from the iron griddle, with homemade jam and cream. For lunch, can you try "Hallingdal’s national dish", which is called “Småmat and Lefsekling” or if you prefer sausage, we have locally made sausages from Tamt og Vilt which is served with Potetlomper and homemade soft drink. Welcome to a tasty shopping

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