Gloppen Hotell

  Photographer: Jesper Rais

  Photographer: Jesper Rais

  Photographer: Jesper Rais

  Photographer: Jesper Rais

  Photographer: Jesper Rais

  Photographer: Jostein Vedvik

  Photographer: Jesper Rais

  Photographer: Dina Rygg Eide

  Photographer: Christer Olsen

Ganefart Miljøfyrtårn
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Contact Marit Kleppe
Adress Sørstrandsv. 16
6823 Sandane
Phone 57865333
Longitude 6.216471
Latitude 61.77537

Historic Gloppen Hotel is centrally located in Sandane, Nordfjord. The hotel’s traditions go back to 1829 and hospitality and consideration for guests has always been important to us. The hotel is fameous for salmon-fishing its award-winning local food and a range of activities.

When we talk about enjoying food, we don’t just mean the wonderful cuisine, but also the combination of food, drink, service and surroundings. We are very proud to welcome you to our historic restaurant; our ambitions are high and we can offer you a great food experience, for a special day or any day.
Once you have stayed with us at Gloppen Hotel, you will realise that there is something very special about local food from Nordfjord.

A journey through local flavours

We buy most of the raw ingredients for the food you enjoy at Gloppen Hotel from local farms. We have established a production kitchen in the building beside the hotel that enables us to receive and process whole animals.


Gloppen Hotel’s roots go back to 1829. Salmon fishing for the English lords was the basis for Joakim E. Siversten’s hotel operation right from the beginning.

Now, as then, we are known for our salmon and sea trout fishing in the Gloppen River.


We offer a wide range of activities all year. Most of them related to either food or our beatiful nature.

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