Haugen Gardsmat

  Photographer: www.matprat.no

  Photographer: Kristine

  Photographer: Runar Tveiten

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Contact Kristine Grønner Ohnstad
Adress Haugen
5743 Flåm
Mobiltelefon 91539026
Mobiltelefon 918 03 942
Longitude 7.111566
Latitude 60.850065

Get a taste of the spectacular nature around you. Our home-made food reflects tradition, quality, innovation and harmony with nature. We supply wholesalers and shops as well as individuals. We also cater for large and small groups in the enclosed barn. Fully licensed. Welcome!

Haugen Gardsmat is located in Flåm close to Lunden station on the Flåm mountain railway and within walking distance of the fjord. Call us and reserve a table for lunch or dinner, drop in to purchase traditional meat products straight from the farm, or book a guided tour of the station area. Haugen Gardsmat offers a fine culinary experience!

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