Hotell Frøya

  Photographer: Vindfang Reklame

  Photographer: Aina Taraldsen

  Photographer: Vindfang Reklame

  Photographer: Marius Rua

  Photographer: Stein Olav Sivertsen

  Photographer: Vindfang Reklame

Miljøfyrtårn Norske Akevitters Venner
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Contact Aina Ervik
Adress Rådhusgata 10
7260 Sistranda
Phone 72464500
Fax 72464501
Longitude 8.82812
Latitude 63.729308

Welcome to the Hotell Frøya! - on the edge of the ocean on the Trøndelag coast! Hotell Frøya turns to business marked as well as leisure marked, and offers a wide range of adventure packages for guests – everything according to your wishes. • Christmas celebration with your employees • Courses • Conferances • Business trip • Group experiences • Holiday/ leisure time • Meeting with friends • Teams / Associations • Salty pub to pub tour • Local food • Homely atmosphere

Experiences Do you want to experience real coast cultur, fresh air, the smell of seaweed and kelp; rain, wind and sun changing several times a day, and local food from the archipelago Frøya? Yes, then the Hotell Frøya will help you to tailor-make a program that suits you!

This island on the Trøndelag coast is surrounded by a fantastic archipelago with round about 5400 islets and shears. It is an unique natural experience to explore this fascinating part of Norway. The peculiar nature allows a number of exciting adventures and activities.

On water There are countless opportunities to experience the fantastic sheargarden her at Frøya, you can f. ex. travel with Hammervold Shippings modern shuttle boats, which are designet for safety and comfort out on the rough sea.

With experienced seafarers on the controls can you safe let yourself be fascinated of the kristal clear sea, experience the blessing of fishing happiness, dive down and see the fantastic fauna or explore the sheargarden a little more exciting way with water skiing?

To enjoy Frøya from the seaside can also happens in quieter forms. You hopp from island to island in an archipelago cruise and turn up the coastal atmosphere of life among islets and weathered buildings.

Oceansafari with eagles, seal and maybe a glimpse of killer whales make trips unforgettable.

The island outside Frøya; Sula, Bogøyvær and Mausund, all have their own distinctive dining places/pubs, so a round from pub to pub with boat is quiete possible! Are you looking fora little extra speed and voltage Atlantic Discovery takes you out to a rafting tour on the ocean.

On land To explore Frøya by walking is an amusement. Rocks without grass and relatively small trees gives you a feeling of being in the mountains. Marsh orchids gives the island an exotic aura, and over hundred lakes beckons with freshwater trouts.

Meanwhile make foxglove, eagle and deer that coastal and mountain blends into one - a peculiar nature experience for all visitors. Using Trønderbilene you can get a tour of the island with bus. Local guides and food serving provides a smooth ride.

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