Hjerkinn Fjellstue og Fjellridning

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Contact Martin Hjerkind
Adress Kvitdalsveien 30, Dovrefjell
2661 Hjerkinn
Phone 6121 5100
Mobiltelefon 41424555
Longitude 9.578247
Latitude 62.221694

Hotel and riding holidays in the fabulous Dovrefjell National Park. Icelandic pony trekking over the high plateau, up peaks, across rivers and along pleasant trails through beechwoods. Adults and children over 10. 3–6 hour tours or 2–6 day vacations.

Hjerkinn Fjellridning riding center is located at Hjerkinn Fjellstue, a mountain lodge 1000 meters above sea level. You ride in terrain ranging from birch woods and Norway’s highest-growing pine forests to bare mountainsides. We use traditional Norwegian and Icelandic horses.

Accommodation and full board at Hjerkinn Fjellstue. Rooms have made-up beds and wash basins. Showers and toilets located in the corridor. Breakfast consists of a large buffet, where you make your own packed lunch. Dinner is served in the dining room at 6 p.m., followed by coffee/tea in the lounge. Rooms with bathroom, tv and telephone can be reserved for an extra fee.

We have about 50 horses and you get one on your own during your stay. We divide into at least 3 groups depending on how experienced the riders are, and you may trot, gallop and tolt (Icelandic). Daily rides lasting 3-6 hours.

English-speaking guides.

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