Grøndalen gårdsmeieri

  Photographer: Marte Garmann

  Photographer: Marte garmann

  Photographer: Marte Garmann

  Photographer: Carl Martin Nordby

  Photographer: Carl Martin Nordby

  Photographer: Marte Garmann

Debio Godkjent Norsk Gardsost Spesialitet
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Contact Lars Kristian Grøndahl
Adress Grøndalsveien 17
1929 Auli
Phone 909 05 773
Longitude 11.366591
Latitude 60.045524

Grøndalen Gård lies in a beautiful spot on the bank of the Glomma River in Nes in Akershus. It is an organic farm with milk and meat production.

We operate a dairy which has developed a special product called Nyr - which is a velvet soft, white

fresh cheese, with a clear, unique, fresh, sourish taste. Nyr is sold to restaurants as well as in small

consumer portions in various farm shops in the area, as well as in selected grocery stores in Oslo.

The farm also supplies whole slaughtered calves, heifers and cows to restaurants and hotels as well as

private customers. Calves are allowed to be with the cows for two months before they are separated.

This leads to happy cows and fantastic stories. Our main values are pride, care and health where our

animals are concerned!

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