HANEN is a nationwide trade association for businesses in the industries rural tourism, farm food and freshwater fishing in Norway. The association have more than 520 member companies all over the country and the association is continuously growing. HANEN is headed by a 6-member executive board and a national administrative office with 3 employees that is responsible for the day-to-day operations. The country is divided into 12 regional groups with a regional board headed by a regional leader.

HANEN is governed by established statutes, a set of strategic ethical principles and an annual action plan. All these are revised and adopted during the yearly National convention. The National convention, where only delegates elected from the 12 regional groups in HANEN attend, also elects the HANEN executive board and decides on membership prices for the coming year. For HANEN, quality is the guiding principle for both the organisation itself and for each individual member. The Certification system Norsk Økoturisme (Norwegian Eco-tourism) is one example of this.

As a trade association, HANEN offers a variety of services and benefits to its members; Assistance and guidance to the members on different projects and referral to external experts as required; Membership benefits, including a free registration on the website hanen.no and a discount partnership with the Norwegian insurance company Gjensidige.

HANEN is also an industry organisation, representing an entire industry towards local, regional and national businesses and authorities. HANEN is represented in a variety of committees, councils, working groups and steering committees etc. on behalf our its members.

HANEN works with Statens vegvesen, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, regarding the road side symbol 650.40 for "Farm food / rural tourism", the so called Hanen/The Rooster, and is responsible for controlling that the quality of the member companies’ offers are satisfying to allow use of the sign. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration Statens processes the sign application itself.

HANEN collaborates actively with many organisations and businesses in the public sector. Innovation Norge is thus a close partner. In addition, we work with various ministries and directorates - some often and others more rarely as required and depending on the projects we are working on. We also have a close collaboration with Bondens marked (Farmers Marked) and Norsk gardsost (Norwegian cheese and dairy products). Other important partners for HANEN are Norges Bondelag (Norwegian Farmers' Union), Norsk Bonde- og Småbrukarlag (Norwegian Farmers’ and Small farmers Union) and the foundation Matmerk (for labelling of food). We are committed to cooperate with as many relevant organisations as possible on behalf of our members.

HANEN's goal is to help the member companies, through the membership, towards economic strength and to strong marketing and organisation. The key factor regarding marketing is our presentation of all members on Innovation Norway's annual event Norwegian Travel Workshop (NTW) and on our own event Møtebørsen – Rural Pearls. On the technical side, HANEN offers its own online development tool called Gardsutvikleren.no. In terms of competence development, we also collaborate with several research and education institutions. We work closely with NMBU in Ås, Norway, but also with Ruralis - Institute for Rural and Regional Research in Trondheim, Norway and other expertise and research environments around the country.

HANEN is continuously involved in various development projects both in Norway and abroad, for instance through our membership in EuroGites – the European Network for Rural Tourism Organizations.

In addition to the website hanen.no, HANEN has also created a comprehensive and practical app guiding you to our beautiful rural pearls. The App is available for download in App Store and Google Play.

HANEN's overall goal is to create added value for its members!