Lysefjorden Sjokolade

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Contact June Dahlskaas
Adress Obsfeldervegen 3
4100 Jørpeland
Phone 91570090
Longitude 6.045691
Latitude 59.017443

The chocolate factory Lysefjorden Sjokolade offers a taste of and the feeling of the fjords of Norway. At the factory we process quality chocolate with local names, stories and flavours.

We proudly use locally sourced raw materials from the area around the fjord Lysefjorden, either through a good story or with raw materials that have been picked, made or processed around the fjord. Our chocolates have their own name and their own story from area around Lysefjorden, like our signature chocolate which is marked with Preikestolen! Below you’ll find a selection of our chocolates: "Skrøylå" - delicious chocolate for hiking trips with salted almonds, toasted hazelnuts mixed with a lovely 53,8% dark chocolate and topped with Maldon salt.

"Salte Fjelltopper" - chopped almonds mixed with milk chocolate and topped with almonds and Maldon salt. Tasty, sweet and salty!

"Pilt-Ola” - a lovely mix of caramelized almonds and dark 53,8% quality chocolate. "Lysefjorden Rundt" - our "healthiest” chocolate made with 70% chocolate. Topped with chopped nuts, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds.

"Majapletter" - milk chocolate bits topped with dried apple and orange pieces, rose petals, vanilla, and a hint of salt. Our chocolate is nicely wrapped in gift bags in white and gold, all with our story printed on the back. We deliver to companies and you’ll will also a variety of product packages in selected retail stores. Please contact us if you are looking for Christmas gifts, gift bags, VIP-gifts or fresh chocolate for your workplace. Lysefjorden Sjokolade is located in Jørpeland. We offer tasty products and good stories. Welcome!

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