Dyre Gård

  Photographer: Hans Olav

  Photographer: Tommy Tindlund

  Photographer: Morten Nygaard

Bondens Marked Debio Godkjent Spesialitet
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Contact Anne-Lene Bjerketvedt
Adress Dyreveien 151
1525 Moss
Phone 90091472 / 97759670
Longitude 10.661352
Latitude 59.406018

Dyre Gård is located on the moraine in Rygge municipality in Østfold; the best known moraine in Norway. It was formed by the great Scandinavian glacier, during the ice age approximately 12,500 years ago. Today, it provides the perfect soil for apple trees. The farm's west-facing location close to the sunny side of the Oslo fjord, provides optimum temperatures, light- and sun conditions for ripening. The apples are grown organically without the use of fertilizers and unnatural pesticides.

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