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Contact Bjørg og Knut Harald Brekke
Adress Hardangervidda
3632 Uvdal
Phone 906 65 041
Mobiltelefon 41565415
Mobiltelefon 90665041
Longitude 7.901106
Latitude 60.366613

Welcome to Heinseter Turisthytte! This family owned cabin is rich in tradition and lies 1100 meters above sea level, on the north eastern side of Hardangervidda next to the Hein River. The cabin lies in the Hardanger National Park.

When the cabin was opened for the first time in 1934 it was just a small primitive hut made with materials reclaimed from the cabin of the famous Norwegian explorer Fridjtof Nansen. "Nansen´s Table" which is still on site is a tribute to the late explorer. During restoration work on the cabin emphasis has been placed on preserving as far as possible the interior details - both small and large - in its original condition. Heinseter can boast of having the cleanest source of power in Hardangervidda. The windmill station Fjellvind (Mountain Wind) was opened in 2001, by the parliamentary president.

Getting there:

The terrain is easy and accessible even to those who are not skilled mountain hikers/wanderers. The trails leading to Heinseter are DNT marked.

The cabin lies:

15 km. from the turn off on the Riksveg 7 Road to Fagerheim

15 km. from Tuva Turisthytte

15 km. from Åan tourist cabins i Dagali

7 km. from the pier on Sleipa. On the boating route from Halne Fjellstue to Sleipa


The cabin has 55 sleeping places spread out in bedrooms which contain either 2, 3 or 4 beds. All the bathrooms have cold and warm water. Breakfast and dinner are served at the cabin. The owners have a liquor license. You can also buy fishing passes to fish in the river Heinelva which is known to be good for fishing.

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