Mosvik Brygge

  Photographer: Eddie Winter

  Photographer: Eddie Winter

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Contact Bjørn Winje
Adress Nervikvegen 94
7690 Mosvik
Phone 95026457
Longitude 11.005108
Latitude 63.814234

Mosvik Brygge is a charming and unique restaurant and pub. With an idyllic location by the Trondheim Fjord, right by the Skarnsund Bridge, Mosvik Brygge offers a unique combination of history and delightful dining experiences with local ingredients. The quay provides accommodation in the Seaside House or in the Glass Igloo on Ytterøy. The restaurant is open during the high season and throughout the year by reservation.

At Vinjesjøen in Mosvik, lies the old trading post from the 1700s, which today serves as a distinctive brewpub and restaurant. The restaurant offers historic dishes with local ingredients from its own farm production and fish from Trondheim Fjord. Dishes such as Old-Gunhild’s fish soup, Skarnsund burger, and the quay’s pizza are served here.

Mosvik Brygge has a steamship quay and a floating dock adjusted for boaters, as well as accommodation options in idyllic surroundings in the Seaside House or in the glass igloo on Ytterøy, with a fantastic view of Trondheim Fjord. Kayak and boat rental is available.


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