Heddan Gjestegard

  Photographer: Helifoto

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Adress Laukrokveien 772
4595 Tingvatn
Phone 97539839
Longitude 7.164438
Latitude 58.426909

Heddan Gard guesthouse, a “Norwegian Heritage” resort, is situated 40 km inland from Norway’s southern coast. With its secluded location, nature with moose, beavers and the golden eagle are its closest neighbours. Rooms with bed & breakfast or half board as well as self-catering cabins are available at Heddan Gard, both for individual travellers as well as for groups. Heddan Gard is also an excellent place to stay when travelling east-west from Arendal or Kristiansand to Stavanger, it is also a good starting point for daily excursions in southern Norway. Highlights such as Lindesnes, Lysefjord, Kjerrag and Setesdal are only a few hours away.

.With the emphasis on Norwegian culture and history, both in landscape, buildings and meals, adventourous memories are always close at hand. 25 Km of hiking paths take you through the changing landscape. A meal in the restaurant is based on regional traditions with focus on local products and natural taste. Charming old buildings in an exiting enviornment are equipped with modern comfort. At Heddan Gard easy accessible nature is open all year, both by foot, biking or skiing.

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