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Contact Nils Håkon Sandersen
Adress Postboks 122
2901 Fagernes
Phone 99 44 87 11
Longitude 10.073395
Latitude 60.833101

Rent at draisine on Valdresbanen i Norway. You are welcome to rent draisines (rail bikes or trolleys) between Dokka and Hov (23,7 km). Dokka is situated 43 km west of Gjøvik and 56 km east of Fagernes in Valdres.

You may hire a draisine at the Shell-station, Storgata 54, Dokka (06.00-24.00). You park your car at Dokka station. From Dokka the old railwy line runs along the river Dokka, the Dokka delta an the lake Randsfjorden.

Booking is only available at

At Sagvika, 10 km east of Dokka, you can go for a swim in Randsfjorden. Here it is also nice to take a rest.

Because of vegetation along the line, we recommend long-legged trousers.

A draisine trip on Valdresbanen is an unique adventure!

Questions are answered by calling 0047 99 44 87 11.

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