Smaken av Ryfylke

  Photographer: PRNT Ole August Schläwicke

  Photographer: Torsten Schläwicke

  Photographer: Christian Munthe

  Photographer: PRNT Ole August Schläwicke

  Photographer: PRNT Ole August Schläwicke

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Adress Vågavegen 44
4130 Hjelmeland
Phone 47481798
Longitude 6.17394
Latitude 59.23383

Sharing is Caring! Come and visit our restaurant with focus on local products and raw material. We will not only talk about sustainability, we will show you! And you can taste it!

Our restaurant is starting to become a more and more popular and famous spot in the region of Stavanger, after we have achieved a place between the best 100 Norwegian restaurants this year (based on customer feedback), in addition we got the price for "This year's Gladmat-festivals dish" in Stavanger, something we are extremely proud of, after winning over 103 others and even Michelin-chefs. We have possibility and availability to arrange (and house) both bigger private or company arrangements, conference facilities and you can plan your vacation or only one overnight stay with us.

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