Meråker Fjellhage/ Fagerlia Matstasjon

  Photographer: Eva Eilertsen

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Adress Fagerliveien 49
7530 Meråker
Phone 94113355 / 92435281
Longitude 11.698893
Latitude 63.44315

Meråker Fjellhage grows vegetables, herbs and edible flowers according to organic principles. In 2021 we opened the self-service local food outlet Fagerlia Matstasjon. It is located by the foot of Meråker Alpinsenter and several cottage hamlets. Here we sell our own seasonal products as well as quality products from close to 30 other producers in the region. Fagerlia Matstasjon is open every day from 07.00 to 21.00

Meråker Fjellhage

Eva and Stefan began small-scale vegetable production in 2018, alongside their regular jobs. The goal was self-sufficiency, where we wanted nutritious, local, and unsprayed food.

Meråker Fjellhage cultivates according to organic principles. We do not spray the crops, do not plow the soil, and do not use a tractor. At the same time, we wanted to test seeds that produced other crops than those we can usually find in grocery chains. Eventually, multiple restaurants requested produce deliveries, and we saw that this was both possible and desirable as our crop could benefit more people.

Meråker Fjellhage desires a sustainable operation and vegetables that follow their natural pace of growth. Between the mountains, the plants get a long growing season. This provides ample time for nutrient uptake from good soil.

Everything is artisan from seed, to growing plant, and then harvest. Growing in this way takes longer, carries higher risk, and is hard manual labor. We believe that we are enriched with food with more flavor, better nutritional content, and in the long run fewer diseases and pests. We believe that food can be produced in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way, even in places where the climatic zone has several odds stacked against it.

Fagerlia Matstasjon

In our self-service farm shop, "matstasjon", we offer unsprayed vegetables and herbs in season from the farm. We also have fresh farm eggs, milk and dairy products, meat/game, honey, tea, coffee, baked goods, reindeer/sheepskin rugs, ice cream, and chocolate.

We have many small-scale producers, and producers who use produce from our farm and nature in Meråker. Altogether, this means we can offer an exciting selection of food products. Our selection naturally varies with the season, and also the availability of raw materials. Our suppliers share the same philosophy as us, with a focus on high quality produce.

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