Odelsgut Cideri

  Photographer: Cecilia Martti

  Photographer: Cecilia Martti

  Photographer: Cecilia Martti

  Photographer: Cecilia Martti

  Photographer: Cecilia Martti

  Photographer: Cecilia Martti

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Adress Fimreitevegen 1508
6857 Sogndal
Phone 98300400
Longitude 6.981309
Latitude 61.14967

We transform apples into happiness!

Nestled deep within the majestic landscape surrounding the Sognefjord, specifically in Fimreite, lies Haug Gard – a true gem of a farm.

Just 21 km from the heart of Sogndal, you'll find this unique place that combines outstanding fruit-growing conditions with the opportunity for total relaxation.

At Haug Gard, we invite you to connect with nature, meet us and our animals, and enjoy refreshing drinks, all while positive energy and enthusiasm flow freely.
This is not just a farm; it's a historical treasure, a unique oasis that we're delighted to share with you.

Fimreite holds a profound history. It was here, in 1184, that one of the bloodiest battles in Norwegian history took place, where King Sverre and Magnus Erlingsson fought for the throne. Outside the farm, fateful decisions were made, and a red fjord bore witness to both loss and victory.

We welcome you to become a part of our history and our adventure!

Cider Tasting & Farm Tour by the Sognefjord

Join us on a remarkable journey through time and taste! On this unforgettable experience, Norwegian history, the art of cider making, and the charm of Norway's oldest fruit district come together to create a magical whole.

Read more: https://www.odelsgut.no/cidersmaking

Farm Visit at Haug Gard: Experience the Magic of Nature & Wildlife

Explore our farm and get to know our friendly pigs, cuddle with the adorable lambs and cats, or enjoy the sound of our happy chickens and muscovy ducks roaming freely, adding a touch of rustic charm to our idyllic location.

Read more: https://www.odelsgut.no/gardsbesok

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