Engevik Gaard

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Contact Loren Ditmarsen-Radecka
Adress Sundvorvegen 277
5645 Sævareid
Phone 91249432
Mobiltelefon 951 37 348
Longitude 5.743988
Latitude 60.178953

Engevik Gaard is an official building from the time when Norway was in union with Denmark. Idyllically situated by the Sævareidfjorden in Fusa Municipality. Bakery sales outlet, in Borgstova.

Functions catered according to the wishes of the customer with respect to both food and drinks. Therefore, we give cost estimates on enquiry. Engevik Gaard has a bar with liquor license and all facilities for groups. Open all year round by appointment. Capacity 50 persons.Menu and prices are discussed with the customer beforehand or when the venue is finally booked. Bookings must be placed at least 4 days in advance. We can have three groups at the same time, in three different sections of the building – Sjøbua, Eldhuset and Røykestova. Our products include traditional flat dry bread, which can be stored over long periods, and cakes made from old recipes from our district. All our products can be ordered in advance and paid for on collection.

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