Photographer: Tim Kozma // Quo Vadis Holidays

  Photographer: Endre S. Distad

  Photographer: Brævasshytta

  Photographer: Brævasshytta

  Photographer: Gunnar Veivåg

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Contact Inna Jorddal
Adress Fjærlandsvegen 4105
6848 Fjærland
Phone 45058065
Longitude 6.751197
Latitude 61.483523

Brævasshytta is a restaurant built into a moraine right by the National Park and with a view up to Bøyabreen, which belongs to Europe's largest glacier landscape, Jostedalsbreen. We serve locally produced food and drinks, on the menu we have, for example, Sosekjøtt and homemade burgers with local meat, locally produced juices and other drinks. Brævasshytta is located below Bøyabréen in Fjærland, and was built in 1960 by Gudmund and Mina Bøyum, and Gjertrud and Mikkel Bøyum. Before that time, Mundal Hotell ran a cafe by the Bøyabréen, and when the cruise ship was visiting, the villagers had stalls along the road up to the bréen. In 1985 Gerd Bøyum took over and from 2000 to 2023 Gerd Bøyum owned and operated Brævasshytta together with his children. Today, Brævasshytta is owned by Lars Hellandsjø, together with his children. Fjærland Fjordstove Hotell will take over the operation of the restaurant from 2024.

Lonely Planet about us: "Do visit the Brævasshytta, built into the moraine of Bøyabreen's latest major advance, even if it's only for a cup of coffee. With the glacier right there and in your face, it's like eating in an IMAX cinema, but for real."

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