Voss Gardsslakteri/ Selheim Gard

  Photographer: Svein Ulvund- www.vossnow.net

  Photographer: Frida Meyer

  Photographer: Sune Eriksen

  Photographer: Hilde Lussand Selheim

  Photographer: Hilde Lussand Selheim

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Contact Lars Selheim
Adress Selheimsvegen 126
5706 Voss
Phone 97196813 / 97609386
Longitude 6.544703
Latitude 60.662253

Selheim Farm is small, family run business local to Voss. We believe that in order to produce the best quality meat, it is important to ensure our animals have good quality of life.

All of our animals are free range. From Spring through to winter, our pigs and cows are free to roam out on our pasture and enjoy the long days of summer and lots of food. We also have a small abattoir located on the farm, which is important for us as transportation can become stressful for our animals. Happier animals equals better quality of meat.

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