Brattvoll Gård og Hytter

Norsk økoturisme
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Adress Holandsveien 47
7882 Nordli
Phone 47642085
Longitude 13.71256
Latitude 64.447309

Brattvoll has three rental cabins. They are insulated full year cabins between 40 and 50 square meters. The cabins are situated on a hillside above the farmhouse and barn, with views over Sandsjøen (sand lake) and and Lierne National Park. The location is central to outdoor activities and experiences in Lierne and surroundings. At the same time a peaceful, relaxing, enriching place, where it is easy to restablish contact with your deepest soulful breaths.

The cabins at Brattvoll are an excellent starting point for many different nature experiences. Lierne is known as an El Dorado for fishermen and hunters, and the many pearls of nature are also here for those those who wish to experience nature unarmed.

Fishing Very many visit Lierne for the sport fishing. All tolled, there are about 2200 fishing waters and miles and miles of rivers in the County. Here you can have a whole fishing water for yourself for the weekend or the week for that matter. As a guest of the cabins you have access to a wooden boat with an electric motor on Sandsjøen.

Hunting Brattvoll Farm and Cabins is a member of the Holand-Djupvatnet land owners Association. The hunting area starts right outside of the cabin doors. Especially for rabbit hunters the area is an El Dorado. The property is also a fine area for those who like forest birds and grouse hunting. If forest bird hunting with a barking dog is of interest, we can loan out our dog, a nordbottenspets named Vaajma Brattvoll is also well positioned for those who will hunt in the Lierne National Park and the national land.

Winter and skiing Brattvoll farm and cabins is only a few hundred meters from the Lierne ski center, a relaxing and family friendly alpine ski hill. Parents have a good view of all skiers from the lodge near the lift. In association with the ski center there are cross country trails a plenty.

Wandering Brattvoll farm and cabins are centrally located if you want to check out and take a few days wandering in the unspoiled nature of Wild Norway. Come in and we can have a chat about the maps and destinations that fit your wishes. From the cabins there is a trail that climbs to the lookout on top of Holand hills.

Mushrooms and berry picking Long ago when a Lierne native said the bear was bothersome and nearby in the early fall, that was often a sign of a good cloudberry year. The Lierne native was trying to save all the berries for himself. In a good cloudberry year you find plenty of this forest gold on the Holand hills. Just a short walk from the cabins. We can also suggest other cloudberry hotspots, depending on how far one wishes to go. If you like picking mushrooms, the Holand hills are magnificent. Right up the trail from the cabins one comes into great chanterelle terrain.

Our hidden attractions Here are some of our natural treasures that can be a day trip destination from Brattvoll.

Guided Adventures Lierne has perhaps Norway’s most intact nature and wildlife areas. Book a week at Brattvoll and we will help you to put together our own exclusive summer adventure.

Cycling in Bear Tracks You suddenly skid to a stop on your bicycle. Right in front of you are fresh bear tracks heading in your same direction. Are you going to get a glimpse of a bear around the next corner? Is it safe to continue? Cycling in bear tracks can be an exciting and educational experience. We pedal into Norway’s tightest bear concentration area, Muru.

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