Aldevik gard

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Adress Aldevik Ytre Langesæter
5777 Grimo
Phone 99154409
Longitude 6.644099
Latitude 60.384911

The accomodation has a long and fascinating history. In the early nineteenth century two separate buildings were joined to make this farmhouse. One half was brought from the other side of the fjord. It had originally been used as a building for people to change in and get ready for church. In those days getting to church was an arduous and time consuming undertaking in this mountainous landscape. The other building has a central fire-place and is traditionally used for baking and smoking meat and fish. Down by the fjord is the quay and the old boat house. This was an important building as until the midde of the last century the only way of getting here was by water along the fjord.

Arvid and Anne Kristine own the farm and will be looking after you . Anne Kristine , who is a teacher , grew up on the farm . Arvid takes care of growing the plums , cherries and apples. Since 2014 entirely ecological farming methods have been used. The accomodation you will be staying in was used as the farm house until 1958 when Anne Kristine`s parents built the new farm house she and her family now live in together with her 92 year old mother. For the last few years they have been very preoccupied with the exacting historical restauration of the accomodation in conjunction with local and national historical experts.

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