Gårdsbutikken under Norefjell

  Photographer: Ingvild Sønsteby

  Photographer: Olav A.G. Sønsteby

  Photographer: Cecilie Vangen Hals

  Photographer: Ingvild Sønsteby

  Photographer: Svanhild Sønsteby

  Photographer: Solfrid Sønsteby

Bondens Marked Debio Godkjent
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Adress 3536 Noresund
Phone 97982727
Longitude 9.635049
Latitude 60.227187

GÅRDENE BAKKEN OG GÅRANPLASSEN. We are two herb gardens under Norefjell, which comprises an herb cultivation co-operative. We are also a part of eventyrSMAK.no

The herbs are cultivated organically together with several kinds of fruit and berries. In our farm-shop, we have first and foremost herbal blends of both spices and teas. We have a range of spice blends for fish, pizza, butter, bread, grill/ribs and soup. We have various tea blends which are called dugurdste, eftaste, myntete, kosete and blomsterte.

Our blend of dried flower cake decorations is one of the more popular products. We have a range of spiced jellies, for example red currants with thyme, apple with mint or basil. The farm shop also carries a variety of knitted and crocheted handicraft items, which can be great gifts to bring home!

As of 2014, the shop will also stock cured sausages.

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