Egge Gård

  Photographer: Peder M.R. Egge

Debio Godkjent Spesialitet
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Contact Martin Arentz
Adress Baneveien 16
3405 Lier
Phone 32 85 12 31
Longitude 10.222085
Latitude 59.814861

In the south of Norway, located in the farming valley of Lier, Egge Gård resides facing south with a grand view of the countryside. Lots of sun and good quality of soil provides excellent growth conditions in the area. Currently, we are growing apples, strawberries and grapes. We create good and natural beverages from the great produce we grow.

Our family have been living on the farm for over 300 years. The name is old – in the Viking Age, the area was known as “Eggjar”, meaning “the edge of a knife”. Today, we produce around 250 tons of strawberries and 1,5 million strawberry plants per year. In addition, we have around 30 000 apple trees that produce approximately 100 tons of apples every autumn, a large part of these grown organically. The farm is currently run by Marius Egge, who is the 11th generation of Egge on the farm. Marius is passionate about both food and beverages, and early on realised the potential of the tart Norwegian fruit. Based on apples from the local area, Marius has developed an extensive and diverse production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of high quality. At the same time, we wish to have a sustainable and natural production on the farm. "As the keeper of a unique heritage, I have since I inherited the farm seen the potential of Norwegian fruit and berries. The climate in the north gives our apples a high level of acidity and a particularly fresh taste. A natural and sustainable production is one of my highest priorities for Egge Gård."

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