Halne Sameige

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Contact Lars Hamarsbøen
Adress Kvislavegen 25
3580 Geilo
Phone +4732088112
Mobiltelefon 41206325
Longitude 7.785495
Latitude 60.439432

The Halne Sameige co-operative is located in and operates out of Hardangervidda. The co-operative rents out hunting grounds, fishing rights and simple huts on 5 to 10 year contracts.

Halne Sameige manages an area of 12 700 hectares which comprises the properties of 89 owners from

Hardangervidda in Hol municipality, Buskerud. The territory stretches from Haugastøl in the north to

Krækja in the west, Halne and Hein in the south and Monsbu/Krækjaheie in the east. Parts of the

grounds managed by the co-operative are in a protected territory. The co-operatives income is mainly

derived from the rental of huts, bird hunting grounds, fishing rights, grazing rights as well as the sale of

huntings cards for the wild reindeer hunt.

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