Røsslyngen Beitelag

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Contact Mila Heggland
Adress Hodneveien 80
4150 Rennesøy
Phone 90505325
Longitude 5.768289
Latitude 59.08178

Røsslyngen Beitelag operates and maintains an area of about 200 hectares of Rogaland´s choicest cultural landscape in Rennesøy. We sell and develop our own products related to use of the area.

Angus products

We sell Angus beef, which are matured using traditional methods. This means that slaughtered animals hang for 14 days before being cut and parted. We tailor the parting of the meat to the wishes of chefs who place orders with us. We also offer for sale both fresh and frozen Angus beef burgers, beef salami and sausages for grilling.

Wildsheep and blackface sheep products

We produce Pinne de Lux of our sheep - this basically means that we part, salt and dry the whole animal. For this product we use one and a half year old lambs, which means they are the choicest of that year´s flock.

Milk products

We make ice cream from our own milk which is sold in 1 person portion sizes or large tubs for use in restaurants etc.

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