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Contact Sven Egil Sørensen
Adress Fossane, Vormedalen
4130 Hjelmeland
Phone 51751532
Mobiltelefon 92068096 / 93285678
Longitude 6.377844
Latitude 59.260922

Planning a farm holiday? There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re seeking peace and quiet or an active vacation. The cottages are old but have electricity, hot and cold water, bathroom and kitchen. Despite renovation, the old timber walls and traditional atmosphere remain. Welcome!

Although all of the three houses are antique, they have electricity, hot and cold water and modern bathrooms and kitchens. The houses have been renovated during the last 10 years, but the old timber walls, the original furniture and the original atmosphere are all still there.

You can rent any of the three houses on the farm at any time of the year, each accommodating 6-8 persons. Bed linen can be hired.

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