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Contact Marit Een
Adress Eensmoen 47
5710 Skulestadmo
Phone 56 51 68 34 / 995 97 419
Mobiltelefon 995 97 419
Longitude 6.443213
Latitude 60.665897

Comfortable apartments in renovated houses. High standard. Families welcome. Good outdoor facilities. Hunting opportunities. Great base for day trips to Bergen, Sogn, Hardanger and the old Navvies’ Road, Rallarvegen. Close to winter sport facilities and Voss.

The stabbur is converted into two apartments. The smallest is 50 square metres and has 4 beds (2 bedrooms), and is equipped with oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, TV, dining table, shower/WC and comfortable mattresses (Wonderland), a variety of electrical appliances and utensils for 4 persons.
The second apartment is 75 square metres, has 8 beds (3 bedrooms), and is similarly equipped as the smaller apartment. Ideal for small groups (10-15 persons) who wish to lease the two apartments together. The kårhus unit is approx. 80 square metres with 4 bedrooms (8 beds) and similarly equipped as the other apartments. Laundry facilities are shared.
Årestova from 1665 is ideal for social events for overnight guests, groups and corporate clients. Breakfast served on request. Årestova has an open hearth and two banquet tables for up to 20 guests. The lodge has no electric lighting but is fully equipped for serving both “dinner and dram”. There is a special serving board for traditional cold cuts. The oldest open-hearth room has been used for smoking meats and brewing ale. Guests can take part if the opportunity arises or if agreed in advance.
The area round the country court yard is ideal for leisurely strolls or more demanding tours along marked trails to an elevated look-out point. The lake below the farm offers good fishing prospects. Boat available. We also organise licences for small game hunting. Otherwise VOSS is a veritable eldorado for outdoor leisure activities both summer and winter. TRY US AND VOSS NEXT TIME.

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