Photographer: Steinar Johansen

  Photographer: Steinar Johansen

  Photographer: Steinar Johansen

  Photographer: Fredrik Bye

Bondens Marked Vegskilt Gardsmat/Bygdeturisme (HANEN)
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Contact Liv Elin Olsen
Adress Sandvollanveien 391
7670 Inderøy
Phone 97739502
Mobiltelefon 97739502
Longitude 11.307577
Latitude 63.905836

Farm shop at Verdal Østre. Traditional farm foods and locally produced handicrafts. Beef products and baking from the farm. Café with home-made food. Catering for groups in smithy or loft. Nature trail. Come and enjoy the atmosphere!

Welcome to a cozy experience at the farm Verdal Østre. In the farmyard you can wander between the houses while in the shop and cafe we have a large variety of exclusive products. The farm´s bakery offers fresh bread on opening days. On our warm and inviting loft you can relax with good conversation, food and drink. In the kitchen we make great sandwiches (Norwegian style with just one slice of bread) using only local ingredients. On the second floor of the barn there is always an art exhibition, toilets (also disabled-friendly) and Vevstua (production and sales of woven articles). Gulburet and Vevstua are members of “Den Gyldne Omvei”. (See:

In the yard we have many cozy places for sitting for both adults and children. The farm´s cows and calves graze on pastures which adjoins the farm. In the bakery we also make candy. In the Smia and the Bestemorsstua one can order a coffee, dinner, meeting or event. Local ingredients as well as good neighbors ensure tasteful dishes. The hosts wish to preserve the farms history and like to share it with guests. From the diary of Mortinus it is possible to read about the daily life of the farm in 1892. We have readings from the diary for groups. We also have jewels from the Viking Age. Here one can be served our Taste History dinner. The cultural trail in close vicinity of the farm can be visited by individuals or groups can order a guided tour in advance.

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