Alpen Brød

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Contact Edel Karin Ertsås Alpen
Adress Nedre Børve
5773 Hovland
Phone 90734254
Mobiltelefon 90734254
Longitude 6.622903
Latitude 60.275417

Welcome to Alpen Brød - the bakery where bread is baked in a wood-fired oven! Alpen Brød is situated close to the RV13 via Børve, in Hardanger.

Edel Karin E. Alpen started baking breads and pastries here in 2004. The bakery is located at a medium sized sheep farm, typical for the west of Norway. Christmas trees are also grown here. Bread, buns and soft potato wraps are all baked at the bakery, which is housed in the cellar of a building, dated from the early 1300s. Some facts about the oven are as follows: The oven is made of fireproof stones and has a sand chamber. It has a baking capacity of 30 bread at a time. It takes 20 kilos of dried firewood at first, followed by about two hours constant firing before the oven is warm enough for baking.

We sell freshly baked bread and cakes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, based on advanced orders. In addition, we bake soft potato wraps every Wednesday. Do come by!

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